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25A Motor Controller Kit Electric Bike Conversion Kit With M6

25A Motor Controller Kit Electric Bike Conversion Kit With M6

25A Motor Controller Kit Electric Bike Conversion Kit With M6
Applicable Products: 25A controller kit for 750W motor, main use: DIY electric bikes, electric scooters, folding bikes, etc. Easy to maintain, bike lithium battery modification greatly improves the riding fun, suitable for those who like challenging rides walker. Premium Material: The panel adopts premium ABS material, which is light, strong and durable, with fine workmanship, good toughness and waterproof performance, providing better protection for the internal circuit, making it more durable. Good Heat Dissipation Function: The controller housing is made of premium metal with notch design, which can preserve the internal circuit due to the good heat dissipation function, thus avoiding thermal overload.

M6 Dispaly Panel: The M6 meter has a variety of functions, when riding a bike, the product will display many useful data on your bike, such as switch buttons, light switches, battery level display and other functions. A large display allows you to keep track of happening.

Complete Kit: Bike lithium battery modification controller kit includes controller, M6 instrument, accelerator dial, power assist sensor wiring, power assist sensor boost sheet, headlight, tail light, horn light button, 4 in 1 connection cable, there are many kinds of sets, suitable for your own DIY modification, to meet all needs. Item Type: Motor Controller Kit Material: ABS, Rubber, Aluminum Alloy, Metal Gross Weight: 987g / 34.8oz Application: suitable for 750W motor matching communication protocol for UART products commonly known as No. 2 communication protocol Controller Size: Approx. 120 x 53 x 33mm / 4.7 x 2.1 x 1.3in Controller Rated Voltage: DC 36V 48V Controller Current: 25A Controller Speed Setting: 1.1-4.2V Supercharger: 1:5 Applicable Motor Power: 750W Brake: input low level Controller line definition: 1. Black single wire: Motor(9pin) 2. Black and red single wire: Battery Power x 2 3. Black, yellow and brown three pin wire: PAS(3pin) 4. Black, white and three pin wire: Throttle(3pin) 5.

Black, yellow two pin wire: Brake(2pin) x 2 6. Black and red two pin wire: Headlight (2pin) 7. Black and red two pin wire: Rearlight (2pin) 8.

Five pin multicolor wire: Display(5pin). 1 x M6 Meter(Including Bracket, Button, Wire).

1 x Throttle Dial(Including Wire). 1 x 8C Power Assist Sensor Wiring. 1 x 8C Power Assist Sensor Boost Sheet. 1 x Headlight(Wire Included). 1 x Tail Light Wire.

1 x Horn Light Button(Wire Included). 1 x 4 in 1 Cable. Note that the matching communication protocol is used for UART products No. We will reply your message within 48 hours.

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25A Motor Controller Kit Electric Bike Conversion Kit With M6